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A career singer with phenomenal global success, Rihanna first turned to film in 2006 when she played her role in the comedy American Girls 3. Six years later, she got her first real role in Battleship. She plays a soldier fighting aliens alongside Taylor Kitsch. After a new cameo in the apocalyptic comedy This Is The End (2013), the young actress joins for the first time the cast of a cartoon and lends her voice to the young Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci in On the road!. 
Increasingly present on the screens despite its status as the most listened singer in the world, Rihanna delivers a memorable performance in the skin of Bubble, an alien can change appearance in Valerian and thousand planets the City of Luc Besson. At the same time, she also tastes the joys of the small screen through an important character in the last season of Bates Motel. In 2018, she integrates the talent of a professional scam team to steal a necklace estimated at $ 150 million in Ocean’s 8.