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Robert Downey Jr Wallpapers

Robert Downey Jr HD Wallpapers free download. His full name is Robert John Downey jr., he is an American film actor. 

Robert got success in his youth and followed by the period he faced legal difficulties, after then in middle age he got commercial success. He was born on 4th April in the year 1965, New York, United States of America. 




Son of filmmaker Robert Downey Sr.

After studying in Los Angeles, Robert Downey Jr. moved to New York at the age of 16 to begin a career as an actor. He distinguished himself in particular in Baby, it’s you (1983) and Une creature de rêve (1985), but it was by participating regularly in the comedy television show Saturday night live that he rose to fame.

The year 1987 marks a turning point in his career: Snow on Beverly Hills, the adaptation of the novel “Less than zero” by Bret Easton Ellison which he plays a cocaine addict, brings him critical recognition. But the rest is less rosy and reality will eventually catch up with fiction: the actor will indeed experience serious problems with drugs and multiply the stays in detoxification.

After a slump, Robert Downey Jr. returned to the forefront in the early 90s when he found himself credited in the credits of Short cuts (1993) by Robert Altman and being nominated the same year for the Oscar for Best. actor for his portrayal of the legendary Chaplin in a biopic by Richard Attenborough. Praised by the profession, he faces the Born Killers (1994) of Oliver Stone and Spends a Family Weekend (1995) with Jodie Foster.

Despite his excesses of all kinds, Robert Downey Jr. manages to keep his career alive, playing disreputable characters like Officer John Royce in US Marshals (1997), disturbing like the shrink, Halle Berry’s lover, in Gothika ( 2004), even terrifying like the serial killer of Premonitions (1998).


Equally at ease in comedy, he won the 2001 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series for his performance in the hit soap opera Ally McBeal and found himself, four years later, headlining kits kiss, bang bang, a thriller in the image of the actor: crazy, just like Tonnerre sous les Tropiques will be in 2008. He then signs the beginnings of his rebirth in the world of cinema after passage through the prison box, consequence of drug addiction now behind him.

Free and in good health, he has a series of outstanding supporting roles: in turn, a journalist in Good Night, and Good Luck by George Clooney and doctor in Raymond by Brian Robbins, the actor becomes, in 2007, the enigmatic Lionel who seduces Nicole Kidman in Fur: ​​An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus.


On the bill, the same year, of Zodiacof David Fincher, where he tries, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, to put an end to the actions of a serial killer, he then joins Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore in Lucky You by Curtis Hanson. With this new turning point in his career, Robert Downey Jr. continues to climb the ladder.

He even becomes one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood thanks to two very lucrative franchises, in which the actor bursts the screen: he plays a Marvel superhero in Iron Man in 2008 and his two Iron Man 2 sequels in 2010 and 3 in 2013 (without forgetting his important participation in  Avengers, Avengers 2  and Captain America Civil War through this same character)

while lending his features to the essential Sherlock Holmes for the needs of two new explosive versions (2010 and 2012) centred on the famous detective, based on kung fu, humour and action. However, these colossal commercial successes did not prevent him from taking part in films more anchored in reality, such as the moving Soloist (2009), the hilarious Deadline (2010) and the judicial Le Juge  (2014).