Rachel Bilson Wallpapers

Rachel Bilson Wallpapers


Rachel Sarah Bilson born August 25, 1981 is an American actress.
Daughter of a producer and screenwriter of films and video games, Rachel Bilson saw her interest in comedy appear very early on. It was at age 7 that she made her debut in front of the cameras in The Wrong Guys, directed by her father. 

She began her acting career in high school by illustrating herself in plays such as Bye Bye Birdie or Once Upon a Mattress. In 2003, the young woman made her entry into the television universe by appearing in That ’70s Show, then by playing Colleen, a potential killer in Joss Whedon’s series, Buffy the vampire slayer.

The actress reveals herself when she joins the cast of Newport Beach as Summer Roberts, Marissa’s best friend. Initially, his character is secondary but he quickly grows in importance by becoming one of the pillars of the series. In particular, she forms with Adam Brody, one of the key couples of the show.


This status was confirmed in 2005 when Rachel Bilson won the Teen Choice Award for Best Actress for a Drama. In 2007, Newport Beach came to an end after four seasons. The actress then appears in Chuck, in the role of Lou Palone. It turns the head of the hero played by  Zachary Levi for 2 episodes.

Rachel Bilson stars in the comedy-drama The Last Kiss. She shares the poster with Zach Braff. However, this film does not meet the expected success. Then in 2008, Fox called on her to answer Hayden Christensen in the blockbuster Jumper. This franchise attempt struggled to convince critics and audiences, forcing the studio to give up on sequel projects.


This disappointment pushes her to invest in comedy with  Waiting For Forever in 2010 and  3 roommates and 1 baby in 2011. The actress then intervenes in several episodes of How I Met Your Mother, in the guise of Cindy, a former childhood friend of Ted, a time suspected of being the famous “mother “.

The CW channel gave her a chance, during the fall of 2011, by entrusting her with the title role of its novelty Hart of Dixie. Rachel Bilson played a young doctor from New York who inherited a practice in Bluebell, A small town in the South with a colourful population. In March 2015, the series ended after four seasons.

Two years later, she appeared in the fifth and final season of  Nashville as Alyssa, a young music expert. Music marketing. In June 2018, the ABC network launched the comedy Take-Two, in which she is Sam, a former detective soap opera star who helps a private investigator ( Eddie Cibrian) to solve cases on behalf of clients intrigued by the effectiveness of this duo.