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Naomi Scott Wallpapers

Naomi Scott HD Wallpapers free download. Her full name is Naomi Grace Scott, she is a British singer and actress. Naomi was born on 6th May in the year 1993, Hounslow, United Kingdom. 
Recently she acted in Aladdin as Princess Jasmine, which was released on 24th May 2019 and was produced by Walt Disney Pictures.  

She is Indian and Ugandan origin through her mother, Naomi Scott was born in London in 1993. She first developed a passion for music and singing and was discovered by the English singer Kelle Bryan who took her under her wing.

It was in 2009 that she began a career as an actress in the Disney Channel UK series  Life Bites. The young woman is then the star of the TV movie  Lemonade Mouth, still for Disney Channel, before playing Maddy Shannon in the ambitious SF series produced by Spielberg,  Terra Nova. Unfortunately, the program cancelled at the end of its first season.

She made her film debut in 2015 alongside big names such as  Ridley Scott ( Alone on Mars ) and  Antonio Banderas ( The 33 ) but it was two years later that she landed her first major role on the big screen. She is Kimberly Hart aka the Ranger Rose in Power Rangers, based on the TV series of the same name. If the film does not achieve the expected success, it allows the young actress to stand out.

From then on, her career took off: she was chosen in 2019 to give flesh to Princess Jasmine in the live adaptation of Aladdin, the Disney classic, and to be one of the three  Charlie’s Angels of the reboot of Elizabeth Banks alongside Kristen Stewart.



Naomi Scott Naomi Scott HD Wallpapers


Naomi Scott Wallpapers Naomi Scott HD Wallpapers