Of English and Irish origins, Mischa Barton was still very young when her family moved to New York. At 9, she got her first role in the theater and shot her first film. Then followed the blockbusters Love at first sight in Notting Hill and Sixth Sense. 
After giving the answer to Jennifer Jason Leigh and Drew Barrymore in Skipped Parts, she participated in 2001 in Rebels and Julie Johnson, films which will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival. 
Television is also no exception to the lovely Mischa. In 1994, she played the character of young Corvina Lang in flashback scenes from the soap “All my Children”. She lends her features in 2000 to the character of Frankie in “Frankie & Hazel”, a TV movie on the Showtime cable channel. 
During the 2001-2002 season, she participated in 8 episodes of the Second Chance series. And Disney hired him soon after to shoot the TV movie “A Ring of Endless Light” in Australia. In 2003, she finally obtained the role that will earn her popularity: that of Marissa Cooper in Newport Beach. 


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