Lindsay Lohan Wallpapers

Lindsay Lohan Wallpapers
Lindsay Dee Lohan
Date of Birth : 2 July 1986
At the age of three, Lindsay Lohan started in advertising. For seven years, she specializes in this field, shining in some sixty spots. It was in 1996 that she took her first steps on the screen, in the television series Another World. Two years later, she made her film debut in A nous quatre, a family comedy from Disney studios in which she played the twin daughters of Dennis Quaid. 
If she is the heroine of Lolita despite me for Paramount, the American is however closely linked to the Disney studios. after A nous quatre, Freaky Friday Dans le skin de ma mère (2003), Diary of a future star ( 2004) and The Ladybug Returns (2005), a new instalment of the famous saga, specialize it in family entertainment and establish it as one of the great hopes of American cinema. 
In 2006, Lindsay Lohan starred in the romantic comedy Lucky Girl but experienced rapid emancipation. More and more famous for a questionable behaviour off-set, it is illustrated in adult productions such as musical The Last Show by Robert Altman or the politician Bobby by Emilio Estevez. She shoots the following year in two films still unseen in France: the comedy Mother-daughter, manual, where she co-starred with Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman, and the thriller I Know Who Killed Me. 
 After participating in the Ugly Betty series and despite playing the lead role in the comedy Knocked Up But Not Too Much (2009), Lindsay Lohan ended up completely detaching herself from her image as a model girl from the Disney productions of her early days. After a supporting role in Chapter 27 where Jared Leto has transformed to take the role of the assassin of John Lennon, the actress becomes the drugged daughter of Jeff Fahey in the crazy Machete of Robert Rodriguez (2010), then plays an actress in The Canyons of Paul Schrader ( 2013).