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Latest Keanu Reeves Wallpapers

Latest Keanu Reeves HD Wallpapers free download. His full name is Keanu Charles Reeves, he is a Canadian-American actor. 
He acted in several blockbuster films and gained fame for his performances. He was born on 2nd September in the year 1964, Lebanon. 


The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.
Grief changes shape, but it never ends.
Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.

Keanu Reeves spent his childhood in Australia until his parents divorced. He then went to New York, then to Toronto, Canada, with his mother and two sisters. Abandoning his studies to orient himself towards the profession of an actor, he made his television debut in the series Going great (1982), then in the cinema in Canadian productions like by Robert Fortier (1985).

Alongside his acting career, Keanu Reeves has a passion for hockey, a sport that allows him to land a small role in Youngblood of Peter Markle, alongside Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. After this esteemed success, he alternated cinematographic genres, illustrating himself in particular in The Dangerous Liaisons by Stephen Frears and playing a psychopathic killer in I love you to kill you. In 1991, Keanu Reeves rose to fame thanks to his role as a policeman-surfer in the action film Point Break, for which he found Patrick Swayze. Become a sure bet in Hollywood, he tries to escape the image of the young premier that sticks to his skin. Wanting to gain the recognition of his peers, he tours under the direction of renowned directors: Gus Van Sant ( My Own Private Idaho ), Francis Ford Coppola ( Dracula ), Kenneth Branagh ( Much ado about nothing ) or even Bernardo Bertolucci ( Little Buddha ).

In 1994, the action blockbuster Speed, which he co-starred with Sandra Bullock, dedicates him to superstar. This huge public success followed by a few commercial failures including Johnny Mnemonic, The Harvests of Fire and the action thriller Pursuit. Despite everything, Keanu Reeves refuses to play in Speed ​​2: Cap on Danger and prefers to go on tour with his rock band The Dogstar, before being the partner of Al Pacino in The Devil’s Associate, a thriller that revisits the legend of Faust. The groundbreaking science fiction film Matrix by the Wachowski brothers, in 1999, breathed new life into his career. The actor will reprise his role as Neo in the two sequels, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolution.

From 2000, he decided to play the bad guys by playing a serial killer in The Watcher as well as a violent husband in Intuitions. But he is also comfortable in more classical roles, both coach of a young baseball team in Hardball or seducer in Anything Can Happen. After returning to the world of science fiction with Constantine and A Scanner Darkly, Keanu Reeves is in 2008 with the poster of the thriller At the end of the night, where he plays a cop with dubious methods, alongside Forest Whitaker. The same year, we find him again in a science fiction film, The Day the Earth Stood Still, in which he plays an alien carrying a message of peace for humanity.

Continuing to juggle different types of characters, he appeared in the 2009 comedy-drama  The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, as well as the B-series thriller  Heist in New York City. In 2013, Keanu Reeves moved on to directing and rediscovered his love of martial arts with Man of Tai Chi. The film is co-produced by China and shot on location by Reeves. He co-starred there with Tiger Hu Chen, a former Matrix trilogy stuntman.

Far from abandoning this new career as an actor, we find Keanu Reeves in a fantasy medieval Japanese universe and no longer contemporary Chinese. The central character of the film playing between kung-fu and wu Xia pian, he must nevertheless share the limelight with a panel of the most renowned Japanese actors including  Hiroyuki Sanada and  Tadanobu Asano.

In 2014, Keanu Reeves returned to success thanks to the character of John Wick, a former hired killer returning to service after his dog was murder. This film directed by Chadd Stahelski  (famous stuntman who dubbed Reeves on several occasions) is a success and gives rise to a sequel which comes out in early 2017. At the same time, the actor makes the mistake of opening his door to two superb young women with bad intentions in Knock Knock and plays a perverted hotel manager in The Neon Demon.