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Katie Holmes begins acting in her high school plays. At a convention for young talent in New York, she meets an agent who encourages her to audition in Los Angeles.

The actress appears for the first time on screen in The Ice Storm by Ang Lee, alongside Tobey Maguire. But it was his role as Joey Potter in the popular television series Dawson, which began in 1998, that propelled his career. Riding on her character in the series, she then appears in the roles of more or less rebellious teenagers ( Behavior disturbing, Go, Mrs Tingle ).

Over the course of the films, Katie Holmes embodies more adult roles. The manipulator in Intuitions (2000), a naive teenager in Wonder Boys (id.) Alongside Michael Douglas or mistress of a Colin Farrell prisoner of a telephone booth in Phone game (2002), the actress gradually becomes a nice place in Hollywood.

She then played the daughter of the President of the United States in Stars in the Eyes and spent an eventful Thanksgiving evening in Pieces of April. In 2005, a new course in the career of the young actress, who appears in the credits of Batman begins, where she plays Rachel, the girlfriend of Christian Bale, aka Bruce Wayne / Batman.

The same year, pretty Katie is a manipulative journalist who seduces Aaron Eckhart to extract information from him and destroy his career in Jason Reitman’s Thank you for smoking  (2005). In 2006, she married Tom Cruise, with whom she had a daughter Suri Cruise. The couple will separate in 2012. Since their appearance in the first part of the trilogy dedicated to the dark knight by Christopher Nolan

, the actress struggles to get her career off the ground and turns mainly in second-class productions where the actress’s talents are under-exploited: the feminine robbery film  Mad Money  (2008), the tormented romance The Best Friends  (2010) ), the horror film  Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark  (id.).

Despite her presence in the cast of the thriller A cop for the target  (2011) with Al Pacino, Katie Holmes plays a stooge role by playing the companion of Channing Tatum. She reunited with Al Pacino the following year in a completely different genre, the comedy Jack and Julie, with Adam Sandler. But it is clear that the actress continues to float in various registers without having yet really found her place in the Hollywood machine.

In 2014, she starred in The Giver, dystopia with  Jeff Bridges,  Meryl Streep and young Brenton Thwaites.