Kate Elizabeth Winslet
Date of Birth : 5 October 1975

Coming from a family of actors, Kate Winslet entered the Red-roofs Theater School at the age of eleven to begin her training as an actress. His career began two years later in an advertising spot for English television.

In 1994, Kate Winslet revealed herself to the general public with the role of Juliet Hulme in Celestial Creatures by Peter Jackson. Her American career began in 1996 with two costume roles in Jude and Hamlet, where she played Ophelia. 


She is then found alongside Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson in Reason and Feelings, directed by Ang Lee. In 1997, she experienced the international consecration with the Titanic by James Cameron, a moving love story in which she shared the poster with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Despite the success of such magnitude, she then turns in much more modest productions, such as Marrakech Express and Holy Smoke, then returns to the film in costumes for Quills – the feather and the blood.

Actress of challenges, Kate Winslet addresses the theme of the death penalty in The Life of David Gale, directed by Alan Parker, upsets the codes of romantic comedy with eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, alongside Jim Carrey, before playing Sylvia Llewellyn Davies, courageous mother of children who inspired playwright JM Barrie to her Peter Pan, in Neverland.

Kate Winslet continues to juggle different registers as Anne Stanton in the Fools of the King drama and co-stars with Cameron Diaz in the romantic comedy The Holiday. She then lends her voice to the animated film Souris City, and she becomes the narrator of The Fox and the Child, for the American version, replacing Isabelle Carré in France.

In darker and more dramatic registers, Kate Winslet stars in 2006 of Little Children by Todd Field, in 2009 of Rebel Wedding directed by Sam Mendes (her husband), which marks her big reunion with Leonardo DiCaprio more than 10 years after Titanic, as well as  The Reader in the same year, where she played a woman accused of Nazi crimes during WWII. Her performance allows her to obtain the Oscar for best actress.

Absent from the sets for three years, she made her comeback in the limelight in 2011 since she is showing behind closed doors. Carnages by Roman Polanski as well as the science fiction film  Contagion by Steven Soderbergh. After which, the actress appeared in the cast of the sketch film My Movie Project and then played the main role, alongside Josh Brolin, in the moving Last Days of Summer, the new production by Jason Reitman.

In 2014, more than fifteen years after the success of “Titanic”, Kate Winslet finds herself again on the poster for a blockbuster as she slips into the skin of the antagonist of the lucrative Divergent saga against the young star of the moment  Shailene Woodley. 
She also finds Alan Rickman who directs her in his new film Les Jardins du Roi, then takes part in Steve Jobs’ biobic directed by Danny Boyle and with Michael Fassbender in the title role.


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