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Justin Drew Bieber
Date of Birth : 1 March 1994


Justin Bieber, born March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, is a Canadian singer. He is the only child of Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber. His parents separated when he was still very young, he was then raised by his mother in the town of Stratford. 
Growing up, Justin Bieber developed an interest in music. The young boy then learns by himself to play the guitar, the piano and the trumpet. By dint of composing his melodies, he naturally integrates singing into his compositions. When he was 12, he took part in a competition at Stratford. 
By interpreting the title of singer Ne-Yo So Sick, Justin Bieber arrives in second place in the competition. His mother then has a brilliant idea: she decides to put her son’s performance on the Internet. 
As time goes by, Justin Bieber films himself by taking several R’n’B hits and puts them online. Quickly, millions of people were watching the videos. Luck then turns in the young singer’s favour since Scooter Braun, ex-marketing director of Jermaine Dupri’s label, accidentally discovers the videos of the young man. 
Impressed, he decides to get in touch with his mother. A week later, Justin Bieber is taken to Atlanta where he is offered the opportunity to sing for Usher. The latter is won over by the young boy’s performance and immediately decides to take him under his wing.