Johnny Depp Wallpapers

Johnny Depp Wallpapers
John Christopher Johnny Depp II
Date of Birth : 9 June 1963


Son of an engineer and a cleaning lady, Johnny Depp is passionate about music by attending a gospel show. He then joined the group The Flame, which became The Kids, and opened for Iggy Pop’s tour. Two years later, the musicians go to Los Angeles, but the formation does not achieve the expected success. It was during this period that Depp met Nicolas Cage, who introduced him to his agent. He thus obtained a small role in The Claws of the Night (1984) by Wes Craven.
Johnny Depp then enrolled at Loft Studio in Los Angeles to take comedy lessons. Once out of school, he enlisted in the Platoon Marines, then rose to fame with the launch, in 1987, of the 21 jump street series. His career launched, he chose to break with the image conveyed by television, that of a young actor for midinettes, by playing under the direction of John Waters in the satirical Cry-baby (1990). From this film, the actor will continue to be on the sidelines, regularly playing quirky and unusual characters. Also in 1990, playing Edward in the Silver Hands, he began with director Tim Burtona fruitful collaboration that will continue with Ed Wood (1994), Sleepy Hollow, the legend of the headless horseman (1999), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2004), Les Noces funèbres (2005), animated film for which he lends his voice, and the musical Sweeney Todd (2008).
Distancing himself somewhat from the Hollywood industry, Johnny Depp collaborates with such talented filmmakers as Emir Kusturica ( Arizona dream, 1992), Lasse Hallström ( Gilbert Grape, 1993; Le Chocolat, 2001) or Jim Jarmusch (Deadman, 1995). With this experience, he moved on to directing in 1997 with The Brave, which did not achieve the expected success, despite the presence in the credits of his friend Marlon Brando. Back in front of the camera, he moves away from romantic and poetic characters to play the cops infiltrated into the Mafia in Donnie Brasco (1997), the crazy journalists in Las Vegas parano (1998), the rare book researchers in the grip of the fantastic. The Ninth Door (1999) or the drug traffickers in Blow (2001).
Despite the failure of the thriller Intrusion (1999) and the abandonment of the chaotic filming of the Man Who Killed Don Quixote, an unfinished film by Terry Gilliam which will give birth to the documentary Lost in la Mancha (2003), the charismatic Johnny Depp keeps the confidence of the studios. Predisposed to interpret costume films like From Hell (2002), Neverland (2004) and Rochester, the last of the libertines (2006), he returned to success thanks to the ultra profitable quadrilogy Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2011), making the inevitable pirate Jack Sparrow one of the most influential figures in mainstream cinema. Despite this colossal success, the actor does not forget his friends and thus plays the mad haters for Tim Burton in Alice in Wonderland as well as one of the incarnations of Tony in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus by Terry Gilliam.
Chameleon actor, he likes to change register and appears in the thriller Public Enemies of Michael Mann (in which he plays the famous gangster John Dillinger). In 2010, he was manipulated by Angelina Jolie in the thriller The Tourist, then lent his voice, the following year, to the chameleon Rango in Gore Verbinski’s film, before finding, still in 2011 and thirteen years after Las Vegas paranoid, the universe of writer Hunter S. Thompson for the crazy Rum Express. With the vampire Barnabas from Dark Shadows (2012), Johnny Depp adds yet another wacky and quirky character to his filmography. In this feature film, while his character discovers the world of the living, the actor reunites with his friend Tim Burton for their eighth collaboration.
In 2013, the year of his 50th birthday, the comedian once again found Gore Verbinski for the needs of the atypical western Lone Ranger, a big production whose budget was around $ 250 million but which ended in a big financial failure. His following films, Transcendence, Charlie Mortdecai and Strictly Criminal they too struggle to find their audience. Depp then reunites with two characters who have done wonders at the box office: The Mad Hatter ( Alice Through The Looking Glass, 2016) and Jack Sparrow ( Pirates of the Caribbean 5, 2017).