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Jessica Alba Wallpapers

Jessica Marie Alba 
Date of Birth : 28 April 1981
Jessica Alba is an American actress, model and businesswoman. 

Determined to become an actress from an early age, Jessica Alba was twelve when she began her first acting lessons. In 1993, she landed a small role in Camp nowhere, a performance that only required two weeks of filming. But fate decides otherwise: following the withdrawal of one of the main actresses, the director calls on her to replace her, seduced, they say, by the shine … of her hair!

After these unorthodox beginnings in the spotlight, Jessica Alba’s career continues slowly but surely. Some spots advertising and popular television series ( Flipper, Beverly Hills) thus punctuate a regular and smooth course. In the cinema, she found her first major roles in 1999 in the comedies PUNKS and College attitude, alongside Drew Barrymore.

But it is from 2000 that Jessica Alba accedes to the consecration by starring in the series Dark Angel. His career boosted on the big screen, she plays a star of hip-hop become in Honey (2004) and turned the heads of Bruce Willis by performing a sultry stripper in the crazy and very dark Sin City (2005)Robert Rodriguez.


Her perfect body shape no longer goes unnoticed and allows her to put on the tight-fitting jumpsuit of the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four (2005) and to evolve in the deep waters of the adventure film Bleu d’enfer.

After becoming invisible again for Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer (2006), Jessica Alba is illustrated in the credits of the comedy Charlie, the girls say thank you. In 2008, she blackened her cinema with the fantastic film The Eye, directed by the French David Moreau and Xavier Palud.


In this remake of the Thai The Eye from brothers Danny and Oxide Pang, she plays a young blind man undergoing an eye transplant and experiencing strange visions. Later in the year, she finds a lighter register by receiving the funny lessons of a Love Guru played by Mike Myers.

After participating in the choral film Valentine’s Day by Garry Marshall, the actress joined the cast of The Killer Inside Me by Michael Winterbottom, in which she was violently massacred by the dreaded serial killer camped by  Casey Affleck.

She then returns to comedy by starring in stepfather and us, flirting with a  Ben Stiller who resists him despite his fatal beauty. Later, the beautiful takes on her role of Sartana, a woman of action in  Machete Kills  (2013), to then find that of Nancy Callahan in Sin City: I killed for her  (2014).