Jennifer Aniston Wallpapers

Jennifer Aniston Wallpapers
Traveling between Greece (her father’s name is Anastassakis) and the United States until her parents divorced, little Jennifer Aniston settled in New York with her mother at the age of nine. Two years later, she enrolled at the Rudolf Steiner School and therefore began to become an actress. Serious student at New York’s High School of the Performing Arts (made famous by the Fame series ) from which she graduated in 1987, the apprentice actress finds small roles in off-Broadway productions such as For Dear Life or Dancing on Checker’s Serious. The young woman then connects television performances of lesser importance and enters the cinema by the back door with a role in the horrific Z series Leprechaun in 1993. 

But luck turns quickly for the actress, enlisted in 1994 to play the character in Friends. of the gently capricious Rachel Green, who won her the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in 2002 and the Golden Globe in the same category the following year. The notoriety is immediate. Just like her colleagues who make their appearance on the big screen with varying degrees of success ( Courteney Cox in Scream, Lisa Kudrow inMafia blues ), Jennifer Aniston retakes the cinematographic adventure with the romance The Object of my affection (1998), which meets a timid success. 

Taking advantage of the summer breaks between the shootings of the seasons of Friends, the actress thus finds the time to give the reply to Mark Wahlberg in Rock Star in 2001, before critics praised her role as a disenchanted married woman in the independent film The Good girl (2002). Favouring comedies, a genre in which she excels, Jennifer Aniston finds herself playing in 2003 as Almighty Bruce against Jim Carrey, then in 2004 as a whimsical girlfriend of Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly before embodying the daughter of the winner in Rumor… Since the judgment of the series Friends in May 2004, the young woman is entirely dedicated to the cinema and even founded his own production company, Plan B. In 2005, she took on a darker role with the thriller Dérapage in which she met Vincent Cassel and Clive Owen. 

Subsequently, the actress quickly returned to comedy. A genre that is familiar to her, landing the leading roles in films which, like The Rupture with Vince Vaughn (2006), Marley & Me with Owen Wilson (2009) or What Men Think with Ben Affleck (id.), Are very successful at the box office. In 2010, alongside Gerard Butler, she was co-star with the Bounty Hunter, a mix between romantic comedy and detective film directed by Andy Tennant. The following year, Jennifer Aniston starred in two films, The Mytho – Just Go With It where she played Adam Sandler’s fake wife and How to Kill His Boss? in which she plays one of the bosses of the title, a nymphomaniac dentist who makes life impossible for Dale ( Charlie Day), his assistant. Lucrative, the film benefited from a sequel in 2014. 

Still in the comedy department, she played the leading female role in Peace, Love and more if affinities and found, for the occasion, Paul Rudd, her partner of L’Objet de mon affection and Friends. After a remarkable role in the crazy comedy The Millers, a budding family, Jennifer Aniston takes up the challenge in 2015 to play a depressed and suicidal woman who tries to regain a taste for life in Cake. The same year, the actress was directed by former New Hollywood glory Peter Bogdanovich in Broadway Therapy, a comedy-drama where she reunited with Owen Wilson.