German Shepherd Puppy Wallpaper

baby german shepherd puppy

German Shepherd Puppy Wallpaper

The German Shepherd is a robust, athletic and enduring dog. He has a very harmonious body built for physical effort. For Ten years, he reigned supreme on the 1st place of the podium of the favorite dogs of the French. The German Shepherd is a complete dog, tireless, docile, vigilant and very attached to its owner.
The German Shepherd breed is originated in Germany. The life span of this breed dog is approximately 9 to 13 years. 




The German shepherd is America’s most popular dog because they are intelligent working dogs. 




These dogs are used in various public service departments, Police dog, guard dog, military dog, guide dog for the blind people. 




These dogs are used in search and rescue operations. below images are as a german shepherd as a puppy.

german shepherd puppy husky german shepherd puppy mix
german shepherd puppy


German Shepherd HD Wallpapers


german shepherd puppy wallpaper german shepherd with puppy
german shepherd puppy


German Shepherd Dog Growth Chart

German Shepherd Dog Growth Chart

German Shepherd With Puppy


History of the Breed

Methodical breeding started in 1889. This breed is created by Captain Max Frederic Emile Von Stephanitz, from the crossing of sheepdogs from central and southern Germany. The goal was to create a very intelligent and physically strong utility dog ​​for herding herds. 
It was not until the late 19th century and the industrial revolution in Germany as the first German Shepherds are high. Then, Captain Von Stephanitz defines the breed. A German Shepherd is essentially a working dog. 
A versatile dog, the German Shepherd is useful in many areas. During the First World War, he accompanied the German army and specially intended to help wounded soldiers. 
As the herds disappeared, the evolution of the breed pushed a man to use the faculties of the German Shepherd to make a police dog, war dog, guide dog or sanitary.