Born in Bombay in 1984, Freida Pinto came from a well-to-do family, her mother being the director of a prestigious university and her father occupying an important position at the bank of Baroda. Once her university degree was in her pocket, the young girl began a career as a model, to then turn to the advertising world, where she appeared on the posters of well-known brands in India (De Beers diamonds, chewing gum Wrigley, etc.). 
The year 2008 marks a most decisive turning point in her career as she is chosen by director Danny Boyle to play one of the main characters of Slumdog Millionaire., cult film winning 8 Oscar in 2009, including Best Film. The performance of the actress did not go unnoticed and named her in the category “Best actress in a supporting role” at the BAFTA Awards. She notably won the Guild Awards, alongside ten other actors in the film. 
With this success, the career of the actress is linked very quickly. In 2010, she played the main character of Miral, a young Palestinian placed in an orphanage after the suicide of her mother. The film, dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is directed by Julian Schnabel, the director of the award-winning The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. 
The same year, the actress appears alongside Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas in the comedy You are going to meet a handsome and dark stranger of Woody Allen, showing at the same time the extent of his register. In the process, she is on the bill of her first blockbuster. The Planet of the Apes: the origins, she did the role of a primatologist in love with James Franco.


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