Britney Spears Wallpapers

 Passionate about music and dance early on, Britney Spears began her artistic career at a young age by participating in local shows and springboards and singing in Louisiana Church choirs. 
At 8, she auditioned for a role in the show Mickey Mouse Club of the Disney Channel and impressed the jury. But, too young, she could not be retained and was sent to prestigious artistic educational establishments, while at the same time increasing the number of advertisements and stage performances. At the age of 11, she finally entered the Mickey Mouse Club, which she co-hosted for two seasons until 1995 when she decided to focus on music. 

 In 1999, after her signature with the record company Jive Records, she became with the single. Baby one more time an international star and a global phenomenon. Three albums and 40 million units sold later, Britney Spears decides to start a film career while simultaneously turning in a few television series ( The Simpsons, for example) in which she plays her role. 


At the beginning of 2001, she shot her first film, Crossroads, under the direction of Tamra Davis and notably gave the reply to Dan Aykroyd and Kim Cattrall. In 2002, she played her role alongside Mike Myers in Austin Powers in Goldmember.

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