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Believe HD Mp3 Songs


The first forecasts announced it around 400,000 copies but finally, Justin Bieber seduced “only” 374,000 Americans last week after the release of his new album “Believe”. An impressive score, the best of his entire career, far ahead of “My World 2.0” which went straight to number one in April 2010 with 291,000 sales on the clock. Justin Bieber also signs the best start of the year, ahead of 349,000 sales of Madonna’s “MDNA”, a figure inflated by a sales operation coupled with an album/concert tickets for the very controversial “MDNA Tour”

“Believe” becomes Justin Bieber’s fourth number one, after “My World 2.0”, “Never Say Never: The Remixes” and his Christmas album “Under the Mistletoe”, which passed the million sales mark in a few weeks last year. But if he signs the best start of 2012 – and the best since Drake’s “Take Care” in December 2001, “Believe” does not hold the sales record of this year: in February, after his multiple Grammy victories. Awards, Adele had dominated the charts with no less than 730,000 copies sold, almost a year after its release.



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About Justin Bieber: 

Since his first appearance online in 2007, Justin Bieber has impressed fans of all ages. His music comes off the charts on the Internet and in the shops, and he became a huge pop, R & B and soul star at the age of 16. This talented young star is showing no sign of slowing down, which is evident by her growing number of fans and her sold-out tours.
Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in Strafford, Ontario Canada. His mother was only 18 when she was born. Justin has some contact with his father, but his mother has supported him as a single parent in several low-wage jobs. Young boy, Justin has always loved music. He learned to play drums, trumpet, piano and guitar and liked to sing. Justin particularly liked R & B songs and loved singing R & B songs.
When Justin was twelve, he participated in a local singing competition in his home town of Stratford. He sang a popular R & B song called “So Sick” by R & B artist NeYo. Justin placed second in this contest. His mother posted the video of Justin’s performance in this contest on YouTube. She continued to publish additional videos of Justin singing a variety of R & B songs from various artists of this genre on her YouTube channel. Video messages were originally intended for family and friends, but the world has begun to take note of them. The popularity of his YouTube channel began to grow as people listened to Justin singing and watching him play his instruments.
A variety of musicians and producers have begun to notice Justin. However, it is Scooter Braun, director of recordings So So Def in Atlanta, Georgia, who has found Bieber. He contacted his mother, who was initially reluctant to think Justin was going into the business as a full-time artist. She finally decided to travel to Atlanta and allow her son to shoot the celebrity. Justin auditioned for a variety of music producers and artists in Atlanta. He caught the attention of Justin Timberlake and Usher Raymond and eventually signed with Usher Raymond’s music label. Justin and his mother moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where they now reside. Since that time in 2007, Justin’s musical career has literally exploded.
He officially signed his recording contract in October 2008. His first single “One Time” was released while his first album was still being recorded. “One Time” reached No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the fall of 2009. The album “My World” was released in November 2009 on iTunes and was an instant hit. Bieber has become an international sensation almost instantly and “My World” has been certified platinum in Canada and the United States.
His biggest single was “Baby” with rap artist Ludacris. “Baby” is the first single from the second half of Justin’s album and was released in January 2010. Justin has made several TV appearances on shows such as Good Morning America, BET’s 106 & Park, Ellen DeGeneres, The Today Show and True Jackson VP.
Justin continues to collaborate with great music artists as he continues to make his mark in this business.
Justin Bieber is a natural talent and a true artist. He is likely to be a strong force in the world of music for many years. He’s just getting started and is on track to become a music star.